Inter MasterCard Platinum 2021

Inter MasterCard Platinum 2021

Mastercard cards offer security and flexibility in your payments, combining benefits, advantages and promotions to make your day to day easier.

1 Pricelles Cities

2 Travel Assistant

3 Global Emergency Assistance

4 Mastercard Airport Concierge

5 Mastercard Travel Rewards

Inter MasterCard Platinum 2021

Inter One. The partnership you need to get where you want

Personalized relationship and free account. Inter walking with you.

Count on your advisor

Whether to help you build your investment portfolio, recommend Inter services that make sense for your life, or help you with any other matter you need with us, your advisor is always just a few clicks away. We are here to build a relationship of trust. Everything to simplify your life.

Invest your way, and without fees

On Inter's investment platform, you have autonomy. Following your advisor's customized instructions or investing from your own analysis, everything is done with ease, and the best: without any fee. It is the best of the bank and the brokerage, in one place. You can also access our reports, prepared by the Research team, to have even more resources and invest with assertiveness.

Have complete solutions for your life

Every Inter customer enjoys several advantages, from shopping at the mall to loans.

1. Did you know that here you buy in several stores with direct cashback in your account?

2 . That if you need insurance, you can make 100% digital hires in the app?

3. That you can finance a property with us, or bring your current financing here, with smaller installments?

Here, your card has cashback

You do not pay annual fees for your Inter Mastercard, and you still get cashback on the invoice. Just make your purchases, pay the invoice on time in automatic debit and that's it, part of the money goes back to your account in a few days. And if you are Inter One, you can have even more benefits with the Platinum card. Request an upgrade in our chat.

How to be Inter One

If you are in one of these categories, you will enjoy the advantages of being Inter One automatically:

1. Having over R $ 50 thousand invested

2. Receive a salary starting at R $ 6,000 in Inter's account.

3. or have an active mortgage loan agreement

4. It is without registration and without costs.

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